Hotbray Ltd Announces Partnership with Gazelles Off road Racing Team

Hotbray Ltd, leading distributor of Jaguar and Land Rover automotive aftermarket parts, is thrilled to announce its partnership with the Gazelles Off Road racing team, sharing their passion for automotive excellence and adventure.

Under the banner of its exclusive brand, eurospare, Hotbray Ltd will sponsor several races throughout the year, supporting the Gazelles Off Road team in the Saxon Express and Roadmaster organized by the British Army Motorsports Association and in the Rallye des Dames de Coeur, a charitable initiative which will finance the research for the screening and cure of breast cancer.

eurospare, renowned for its high-quality spare parts for the Land Rover Defender, aligns perfectly with the Gazelles’ spirit, racing with meticulously rebuilt classic Defenders for each competition. This synergy not only underscores Hotbray’s commitment to quality and performance but also celebrates the enduring legacy of the Defender model in off-road racing.

The Gazelles Off Road team is headed by Helen Tait Wright with co drivers Marcella Kirk and Jenni Smith. Their passion for competition, coupled with their commitment to philanthropy, has made them a formidable force in the rally world.

The partnership between Hotbray Ltd and the Gazelles Off Road team is not just about racing; It is a union of values, passion, and a shared vision for excellence and positive societal impact. As eurospare sponsors the team in their upcoming races, this collaboration is set to inspire and make a significant mark in the world of off-road racing and beyond.

For updates on the team’s progress and more information on the partnership, please follow Hotbray Ltd and Gazelles Off Road on social media.

About Hotbray Ltd: Hotbray Ltd is the premier distributor of Jaguar and Land Rover automotive aftermarket parts. With its exclusive brand, eurospare, Hotbray is dedicated to providing high-quality spare parts for Land Rover Defenders, ensuring reliability and performance for all Land Rover enthusiasts.


About Gazelles Off Road: Gazelles Off Road, led by Helen Tait Wright, is a racing team with a passion for off-road adventures and philanthropy. Competing in challenging terrains with their rebuilt Defenders, the team is dedicated to making a difference through their participation in rally events and charity initiatives.


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