Timing belt failure

How to with…eurospare “Make sure to install the best timing belt for a powerful and safe drive”

You can’t turn back in time but you can return the timing system to a “new condition”

Timing belt is a fundamental element for the well-functioning of the engine and its failure is serious and dangerous. If the timing belt fails, the engine won’t work any longer and the damage might extends on pistons and other parts.

Therefore, it is required to change the timing belt every 60’000 – 100’000 miles or 7 to 10 years of service.

Usually, the cost of the timing belt is quite low, however the labor involved in the replacements can add up. Also, if the replace is done because of a failure, the cost will exponentially increase depending on the damages occurred on the engines and its parts.

Hotbray ensure authentic parts, designed to guarantee precise and accurate engine, meeting OE quality expectation and requirements thanks to the partnership with the finest brands in the automotive aftermarket: eurospare, Dayco, INA and FAI.

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