Turbo engine how to maintain

How to with eurospare…maintain your turbo engine!

What is the difference between Turbo Engine and atmospheric engines?  

Nowadays, powerful cars have turbo engine installed as they are more efficient and performing than atmospheric engines.

But what are the main differences between the two? 


Let’s start by the basic: atmospheric engine (also known as aspirated engine) is an internal combustion engine which uses air intake mixed with fuel. There are three categories: gasoline atmospheric, gas atmosphere and atmospheric diesel. 

A turbo charged engine uses air super caring system to generate more airflow and therefore power. 

What are the main differences between turbo engines and atmospheric engine? 


First of all, the two engines are different in size-power ratio. Atmospheric engine are usually bigger with a capacity of 2L producing 110 hp of power. Turbo engines can produce the same amount of power with a capacity of 1.6L 

At high revs, atmospheric engines have more power even though turbocharged engines offer high performance in most situations. 

In both cases we can’t really say which is consuming more or less as many factors influence the consumes, such as: low revs speed, high-revving circumstances (motorways for instance), driving behaviour. 

Turbo charged engines need more (costly) maintenance, considering as well all the components included in the part but it’s definitely high performing when driving especially for their smoothness. 

Atmospheric engine, on the other hand, are more reliable as composed by fewer components compared to turbocharged ones, and therefore the maintenance is easier. 


Depending on your lifestyle, driving behaviour and car type you might prefer a turbo charged engines or an atmospheric one. 


Now that you know everything about turbocharged and atmospheric engines, how to keep your engine powerful and safe?

  • Regular Oil Maintenance

Intense heat, pressure and high speeds: that’s why your engine requires a constant flow of quality oil to lubricate valve and fans. You should change your oil every 10’000 kilometres to make sure to get the best performance out of your engine. 

  • Warm it up! 

As engine oil thickens when it’s cold, always make sure to warm up your car to avoid massive amount of strain on the oil pump

  •  Drive conscious 

Beside that security always comes first, always drive accordingly to the limits of you car’s turbo system avoiding to be too aggressive with the accelerator. This will also help you to save on fuel economy 😉 

  • Use your gear

Downshifting into a lower gear is a safe option then relying on the turbocharger, especially when driving up a hill or accelerating into the fast lane. This will prevent the suffer of the engine avoiding performance up and down the rev range. 

  • Keep it sharp

Maintenance is always the best preventive measure to keep your engine cool and performing. 


Do you need parts to maintain and repair your engine?

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