The MG Rover group can trace its history back, in one form or another, to 1905; for 100 years it provided the main stay of British automotive success, however, sadly, through a series of mergers and well documented failed acquisitions, the company finally ceased trading in 2005.
But the brand lives on! Caterpillar Logistics purchased the parts operation from MG Rover in 2004, and continue to operate this under the brand XPart.

XPart have continued to source the original specification parts for these vehicles, and are now importing many body and trim parts off the original tooling that was purchased. They are now located in China with SAIC.

Hotbray’s company roots are in the supply of wholesale spare parts for MG Rover, so we are very experienced in this field.

We continue to operate a global client base that is vying to keep these vehicles alive, both classic and later models. Genuine MG Rover parts are still available; although the range maybe diminished due to the halting of manufacturing for 10+ years, however XPart continue to source and supply parts to the original specification, wherever the original manufacturers are still active. XPart have, in recent years, even withdrawn from several importer markets and handed the dealer networks over to the Hotbray customer service team.