Since 1972, Hotbray Ltd has been building a worldwide reputation as a competitive and reliable source of wholesale automotive spare parts. Over this period the company has gained considerable experience, and comprehensive contacts throughout the industry.

Originally founded as a Unipart / Rover supplier, Hotbray expanded our market when the British Leyland Automotive Group was created in the 1970’s, which led to Jaguar and Land Rover spare parts being introduced to the Hotbray profile.

Now, over 45 years later, Hotbray Ltd continues to drive our range of products and services offered forward. Our products are carefully sourced from a network of global manufacturing partners, which comply with current European and International standards.

As a UK based wholesale export specialist, Hotbray Ltd provide a range of Land Rover, Jaguar and MG Rover genuine spare parts to our customers all over the world. Hotbray Ltd are also the proprietors of the eurospare brand, which provides quality aftermarket wholesale spare parts to support our main stocked brands.

Since 1972, Hotbray Ltd has been building a worldwide reputation as a competitive and reliable source of wholesale automotive spare parts.

Why Choose Hotbray?

The Hotbray team is composed of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing a superior service to our customers. From the warehouse to the customer service and shipping teams, we strive to build a reputation for a totally dependable and faultless service. We have built up a team of people with vast experience and varying skill sets, to enable us to deliver a strong and professional service.

Customer service is always at the forefront of our business, and as we continue to expand the range of services we provide, we will also continue to source worldwide spare parts to fulfil your requirements.


Below is just a small selection of the procedures and appointments we follow to ensure the safety of your order from us to its final destination:


    With the advent of modern vehicle occupant restraint systems, it was apparent that a request for airbags would cause a delay to our normal despatch times, due to IATA and UN Code legislation.
    During 2013 we have completed a full training programme for our shipping and warehouse departments, to allow us to carry out this service in house.


    There has been a marked increase in the on-ground security arrangements for shipments over the past decade; during this time we have increasingly become involved with the Civil Aviation Authority, who approved us for our packing and despatch procedures, so we can now offer Airfreight services pre-cleared through to air-side loading.


    We hold open accounts with Bureau Veritas, Intertek and SGS, so can comply with any import inspection certificate request, although some instances may require pre inspection application for your market. Should the import of parts require this service, we can easily organise this for you.


    Should you require an update for your orders, a confirmation of invoice or a simple stock check of product this can be made available to you 24 hours a day through our customer portal.


    Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement 2019/20 The Modern Slavery Act 2015 was passed in the UK in recognition that throughout the world there are offences of slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking.

    It highlights the need for discourse and awareness of the topic and requires UK businesses to produce a statement regarding the steps they have taken throughout the financial year to demonstrate the part they have played in mitigating this issue. We at Hotbray are determined that slavery or human trafficking in any form should not enter into our supply chain; that the integrity with which our products are created should be upheld all the way through the manufacturing process and beyond. We have a Head Office and warehouse facility in London.

    There is an awareness of the risks and senior management have a clear directive to report any concerns in relation to Modern Slavery and to act upon them without delay. Some of our products are sourced overseas’ particularly from Turkey and Asia, we make every effort to develop, maintain and uphold sustainable relationships with all our manufacturers and suppliers as this provides us with a transparency throughout every step of the manufacturing process.

    It also encourages a partnership based on honesty and openness.

    We have always assessed any new manufacturer before any purchasing goes ahead

    Our integrity in support of the removal of modern slavery will not be compromised and any breach in the supply chain will face appropriate action which would include the termination of purchasing agreements.

    This statement is made in reference to section 54 (1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 for the financial year 2018-2019. On behalf of the Board of Directors